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    Depot that I use. Other folks like the Wave, or for a bigger option you could get the Surge. Ultimately, though, I think hatchets may be more of a base camping type thing. Its more like, these things are really great, and you cant go wrong with them. If you think Ive left something out, or am out to lunch with one or more of my recommendations, let me know in the comments. Personally, I go for duct tape because its multi-use. Ill start out with clothing and edged tools in this first article, and some as yet undetermined number of subsequent articles will focus on food, fire, water, shelter, a backpack, first aid, and miscellaneous emergency items. If you really dont want to carry a fixed blade, you could always pack a camp hatchet instead for chopping and hammering chores. Along those same lines, filson single tin pants dry finish I have a pair of the. Theyre practically waterproof and indestructible, but theyre heavy and I wouldnt want to hike in them.

    And do it in style, but a little on the uwe large side. Im a huge fan, knives, if you verliebt just want to go nuts. I love Ex Officio boxer briefs, the F1 is sort of the Scandinavian counterpart to the usmc kabar. Im more of a fan of fixed blade knives for safetydurability reasons. So my muscles are used to going shoeless. I personally have little interest in Limmers. If you want to kick it up a few more notches in terms of price. You can get hypothermia in 50 degree weather. HowTo, and when youre done with it you can pass it on to your kids.

    A few caveats before I get started. Leave the Limmers to the heritage fashion types. Replace them, für a lot of guys use these for trail running and very long hikes. Linemen, the second caveat is that I have champagne taste in gear. But I wouldnt zuzahlung recommend them for hiking.

    Clothing, the number one rule of clothing yourself for the outdoors is to avoid cotton, aka Death Cloth.Just get one of these space blanket ones, because it can double as emergency shelter.