Auslese 's wiki : Auslese (literal meaning: selected harvest plural form is Auslesen) is a German language wine term for a late harvest wine and is a riper category. 2018!
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    Auslese (tysk: udvalgt h st) er en tysk vinbetegnelse for vin af sent h stede druer, som er et niveau mere moden end Sp tlese inden for.A sweet wine, especially from Germany, made from late harvest grapes; specifically, a wine from the German official.

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    When Estelle and her group (consisting of Zin and Olivier) defeat Captain Lorence and his team at the Martial Arts Tournament, Duke Dunan presents them with their award at the Awards Ceremony.Release From House Arrest A couple of days later, Dunan gets a letter from the Queen permitting him to return to Grancel Castle.After the story, Alicia becomes gladdened when Estelle states that she doesn't blame her and instead thanks her for protecting the country.