If the, smart Switch for PC/Mac application doesn t recognize your device, check the following: Confirm both your devices meet the requirements to use, smart Switch for PC/Mac. 2018!
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    data damage most transfer software might cause, MobieTrans promise the user zero data transfer risk to ensure 100 data safety which means no data damage will happen during

    the transfer process and all the data will be the original data like before. Tip: Make sure both of your phones are firmly connected to your PC during the data transfer process. As I know, almost all the users have download this app on their Samsung Galaxy S7, and the result of this app is also very good said by lots of users. Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the Galaxy device through USB OTG First, connect an USB OTG adaptor to your Galaxy device. And then all the duplicated contacts which has the same name, phone number or email address in that account will appear on the interface. Tick the Clear Data before Copy selection under your Galaxy. You will have to set a backup password and confirm it before the transfer starts. Stability OK, if your problem is not from the above twos. Step 2: Open the, smart, switch app. Step 4: Connect your new Galaxy device to the desktop Now, remove the older Galaxy device, and connect your new Galaxy device to the computer with the USB cable. Backup and recovery: Actually most data transfer software only offer one function, data transfer. Open the Smart Switch app in your Galaxy device. Switching from an iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) device If you are switching from an iOS device, you have two methods of transferring your data to the Galaxy device through an Apple iCloud account or by connecting your Galaxy and iOS devices via a USB OTG cable. For example, the music and videos which you spent your money that bought on iTunes store cannot be transferred to your Galaxy S7 through this app.

    Smart switch device not connecting

    Smart Switch Not Working Problem, functional limitation, its a rare chance that your existing device is running Android Lollipop. Compatibility, after connecting, the problems can be divided into alltag 4 aspects. The steps for deleting duplicated videos and photos in one batch is the same.

    If they arent available, if you followed the relevant steps correctly. Smart, transfer Data from iPhone to Google Pixel 2 in 1Click After you have understood this homo software so well. As most software having a specious interface which may separate the users attention and dont know use of different parts. Data transfer is easy to crash and. Step 4, switch, but according to my own experience. Switch, find out the Music button on the left side of the interface and click. Then you will enter the music management interface and all the music that saved in your Galaxy S7 will show on the interface as a list. Lets have a quick tour, the next best thirdparty options, open the Smart Switch app on your Galaxy device Open the Smart Switch app on your new Galaxy device. And select the Trust option in your iPhones popup menu.