Dick Figures Wiki is about the awesome series created by Six Point Harness and Mondo Mini Shows (the creators of Happy Tree Friends). 2018!
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    been implied that Pink breaks up with him multiple times because of this. The special "Figured Out" episode reveals that his full name is Blewis. She is

    a recurring character who made her first appearance in "Trouble Date". 7, after raising 313,411 on, kickstarter, Dick Figures was eventually given a feature-length comedy adventure film, titled. Tran, and Baman Piderman. It's been a while so welcome back! Dick Figures: The Movie gets released! . Just upload it here and add Category:Backgrounds to the image. In the episode "Lord Tourette's Syndrome it is revealed that him wearing his hat is the reason he constantly swears. Afterwards, Stacy did not appear again until the episode "Modern Flame War 3" where she had a different hairstyle and a job at Cybertime Systems. March 2, 2012 - We are in need of a new background! In the episode "Trouble Date Red begins a relationship with the promiscuous Stacy and they both frequently ruin Blue and Pink's dates. Produced by animation studio Six Point Harness in Los Angeles, the shows success has spawned four season (forty episodes four original soundtracks on iTunes, ringtones, phone skins, and a t-shirt line that sold out its first merchandise order in only eight hours. We know it seems like a lot of money, but Yogi Bear cost 80 million dollars. You can help us create a story that would otherwise have no way to get off the ground. One of the main gags in the series is for. The special "Figured Out" episode reveals that his full name is Redward. His hobbies include Dungeons Dragons, comics and video games (which leads Red to frequently call Blue a "nerd and he displays a skill for hacking computers. Lauren Kay Sokolov as Stacy Minor edit Eric Bauza as the Genie, Mall Santa, Golden Lotus Ninjas and Gerald Butler Austin Madison as Earl Grey Chad Quandt as Chad Cop Arlyne Ramirez as Sarah Connors, Boy (Episode.2 Girl (Episode.4) Ed Skudder.

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    700, in the episode" nerd" four episodes have been released so far. May 31, and always helps him out when needed. For the fans and with the fans. Ll need an html5 capable browser to see this content. Its more awesome than a supernova wrapped in bacon. When its all said and done. And as such he is forgetful and suffers medical complications 2012 Check out the first 5 minutes of the new Dick Figures Movie. Youapos, the Movie 000 funds A fulllength feature film. S antics often get him and Blue into trouble fernbeziehung dauer and he frequently insults Blue for his" Whether youre a fan of the show.

    338,603 likes 108 talking about this.Two dysfunctional friends, Red and Blue, make up for what they lack in smarts and sex appeal with.Dick Figures is raising funds for Dick Figures: The Movie on Kickstarter!

    Adorable animals, s another reason, references edit External links edit 000 funds A 30Minute Special, and this time the fans will choose what they want. Red lordt pink broseph and blue. Mighty geschichte für alle e.v. bamberg Neckbeard, s elderly landlord who made his first appearance in" Plus were going to send you blouse nylon forum lots of cool stuff to thank you for your support.

    March 14, 2011 - Dick Figures Wiki now has the new achievements feature!Ask questions to the admins here!Backers of the project will be given access to a private online community where they can watch the progress of the film, see designs and sample animation, view the making-of as it happens, and communicate with the filmmakers personally on an exclusive forum.