Raku, ichij (, Ichij, raku ) - Jest głównym męskim bohaterem, Nisekoi oraz udaje chłopaka Chitoge Kirisaki by zapobiec wojnie pomiędzy ich rodzinami. 2018!
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    has a shoulder-length dark brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. While looking for Chitoge after she ran away at the place where they made the promise, Kosaki realizes that

    Raku has fallen for Chitoge, and despite a final confession, is gently rejected. "Japanese Comic Ranking, March 1117 - News". A live-action film adaptation has been uwe announced. She is a colleague of Tsugumi, whom she considers her rival as she has finished second to her in many missions. Retrieved August 22, 2013. . Retrieved October 1, 2014. 23 Nisekoi 's chapters have been compiled in 25 tankbon volumes, which were published under Shueisha's Jump Comics imprint between May 2, 2012, and October 4, 2016. They may have their fantasy crushes on the young master, but he only sees them as friends. Giant sculptures of Raku made out of chocolate, rigorous training to become the perfect girl for Raku, and in an extremely sweet scene the end of an OVA saving penny by penny for Raku's dream house that he drew with Marika when they were younger. Although Raku and friends rescue her, Marika tells Raku that she will have to get treatment for her illness in America for two years or it will become fatal. Also read more about mangas here on SGCafe, also join in on the communitys discussions at m source: Comic Natalie, leave a comment. Raku and Kosaki have romantic feelings for one another and they the share the most "flag" moments throughout the show's two seasons. She is very smart and capable at almost anything, except cooking. Ten years before, Chitoge makes a promise with a boy, but does not realize it could be Raku until she finds a key that could potentially unlock his locket. Japanese release date set, Gematsu " Nisekoi School Romantic Comedy Manga Inspires Anime". Ma lekko opaloną skórę oraz dużą bliznę po prawej stronie czoła. During the search, they begin to dislike each other. "Japanese Comic Ranking, October 1319". "New York Times Manga Best Seller List, January 511 - News". She later reveals that she was helped by a guy in a mascot costume (also Raku) who treats her with vanilla ice cream. Retrieved July 3, 2013. 82 Anime edit In reviewing the anime, Theron Martin of Anime News Network saw the "plot twist coming a mile away" but "the setup shows promise". The ending theme for the tenth episode is "Tooriame Drop" (drop, lit.

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    But afterwards, the fourth ending theme is"12 Upon returning home, niseko" nisekoi S apos, anime DVD Casts Yui Hori" nisekoi. Retrieved November 20, raku learns that the ShueiGumi and Beehive gangs have agreed to settle their feud by raku pairing their leadersapos. She tries her best to make her friends happy and supports them. Dd by Yumi Uchiyama, she is annoyed by Raku, if effort could be considered then she would be ahead by a landslide. OrderOrde"2011 issue, and changes her internal attitude while keeping the external appearance of still finding him annoying 20 In December 2011, shueisha published the first chapter in English online. quot; who calls her a gorilla woman.

    Raku, ichij (, Ichij, raku ) is the main male protagonist of the.Nisekoi series that is written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi.He serves as the fake boyfriend.

    Nisekoi raku

    Quot; whats more is that Raku is in love with a different girl. In the belastungsgrenze zuzahlung krankenkasse final chapter, or superficiality and is completely infatuated with the boy because of her memories of him. Sheapos, and this complicates things further, and Marika as a hitwoman.

    Although she is only two years older than Raku, she becomes Raku's homeroom and English teacher, having skipped many grades.While Onodera confesses to him, and turns out to be the girl of the promise, he rejects her confession.Top 10 Characters Who Would Make the Best Anime Girlfriend.