Fixes a problem in which the first recipient in the nickname list cannot be selected in Outlook 2003 on a Windows XP SP2-based computer. 2018!
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    Wayback Machine. "Alaska Division of Economic Development". A b " Wisconsin State Symbols Archived at the Wayback Machine." in Wisconsin Blue Book,. Retrieved July 7, 2018. "State it

    on a plate Over the years, slogans, designs have taken some poetic license". "Colorado's 10 Most Picturesque Mountain Towns OutThere Colorado". Retrieved 20 December 2013. "Oregon's license kinder knutschen mit zunge plate from 1960 to circa 1966". Northern Mariana Islands - Things. Wisconsin has no Official nickname. Judy Colbert, Off the Beaten Path: Maryland and Delaware, 8th., 2007, isbn. "Nicknames: America's 50 States (Fourth of Four Parts. A b c d e Introduction to Delaware, 50 States, retrieved April 24, 2009. The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Nicknames Wisconsin is generally known as The Badger State, The Dairy State, or America's Dairyland, although in the past it has been nicknamed The Copper State. Lithograph by Mackwitz,. Step 1 select the main ' pal list window step 2 scroll thru the list of your online and offline pals to find the nickname you wish to customize note: if the user is offline be sure to click the arrow beside 'offline pals'. Contents, state and territory nicknames edit, current official state and territory nicknames are highlighted in bold. Retrieved November 24, 2017 "It's official: Ohio IS the birthplace of aviation". A b c d Introduction to Kentucky, 50 States. USA (Nickelodeon nick. "Jewel among the states "tion. Wisconsin - America's Dairyland, The Badger State. At times you may wish to identify special people or co-workers so they stand out on your ' pal list '. A b c d e The Last Frontier State, 50 States, retrieved April 24, 2009. California Government Code Section 420.75 Retrieved Feb. This Switzerland of America as its often called, sits deep in the heart of the dramatic San Juan Mountains. "Hawaii Revised Statutes 5-7".

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    HB 2549 Officially adopted by Arizona on February 14, 2011 a b c d e f g h Introduction to Arkansas, US States, retrieved April 24, 2009.A b New Mexico Symbols, State Names, SHG Resources website, accessed July 7, 2008 New Mexico Revised Statutes, Sec.Its lined with grand Victorian buildings and is home to natural hot springs where you can soak up all of that scenery while relaxing in the soothing warm waters.